Woven Rug design  Carpet   Mousepad, Magic Carpet Mousepad

Woven Rug design MouseCarpets

Woven rug design carpet mouse pad measures approximately 32cm long 20cm wide 3mm thick with genuine rubber base.
White Fringe on both side.

Our MouseCarpet are machine woven and made of %100 polyester.(Not Printed)
They are the approximate thickness of canvas and have a smooth silky feel to them.


Customer Comments:

Beautiful quality, wonderful colours, well presented, packaged and designed! Vanessa Mori

I always get tons of compliments on these mousepad, Josephine Pendleton

Wow, incredible mousepad all the way from Turkey - Beautiful and cheap Joseph Baltrus

This mousepad is GREAT! The rug design is beautiful and I am really impressed by the fact that it is actually woven, and not just printed on a rubber pad.This was absolutely worth the price and then someI highly recommend your product, and I know it will serve me and my new notebook computer well through law school. If I buy another computer, I know I will need another mousepad from you! Michael Shaw

MouseCarpets Will Look Great On Your Desktop


Each MouseCarpets Mousepad 14.50USD Shipping Free Click on Picture Enlarge




MouseCarpet : L01

MouseCarpet : L02

MouseCarpet : L03

MouseCarpet: L04


MouseCarpet : L05

MouseCarpet : L06

MouseCarpet : L07

MouseCarpet : L08


MouseCarpet : L09

MouseCarpet : L10

MouseCarpet : L11

MouseCarpet : L12